Pixar birthdays and crazy grandparents

I’ve always been an over-the-top parent when it came to my kids’ birthdays. Being a designer certainly didn’t help matters … I’m always wanting to one-up myself.

My granddaughter, Olivia, turns two in a few weeks. My daughter was planning a Pixar birthday, so the idea was to cycle through 3-4 different movie themes, combining Olivia into each image. The page headline was “Liv turns two.” So I wanted to keep my lettering consistent with the actual movie title.

These four images appeared at the top of her birthday invitation website —complete with RSVP form.

Know of any parents who might want a special website invite for their kid’s birthday? Share this link!

Toy Story theme

Toy Story was one of the easier titles, since the “2” was already there. Jessie’s hat was “placed” on her head at the end.

Finding Dory theme

Went with a generic Finding Nemo image for this one, altered the color balance on her photo to a blueish hue, threw in a few bubbles … and done.

inside Out theme

Title came out pretty good, and was fortunate that she was holding a book in the actual photo. Took that out and replaced it with a “memory ball.”

Monsters Inc.. theme

Probably the quickest image to pull off. If you hide Olivia’s face on the top layer, you’ll find Boo’s face underneath.

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